Believing in the past, affects the present

In Thailand, there is a famous saying “don’t believe it, don’t disrespect it”. In Thailand, many people believe in ghosts and there are many cultural events, festivals and traditions based around this strong belief.

“The Phi Ta Khon” Festival is unique to the Dan Sai district in Loei province. There is a parade in which people make models from the traditional style sticky rice steamers, painted to look like spooky ghosts and dressed in colourful clothes to celebrate the story of Vessantara.

“Sat” and “Chingpret” are traditions of Southern Thailand, in which people give offerings to monks to help their deceased relatives in the afterlife.

Some believe it and some don’t. But no matter what you believe, try to immerse yourself and be a part of it, try new and strange things! These are things you won’t get to experience every day.

Tung or a Lanna flag is a folk belief of northern Thailand. Many thought Tung was just décor accessories, but it is in fact a symbol of Lanna’s beliefs and arts. Made of cloth, wood, metal, or paper, Tung of a different material will be used in a different occasion. While some households use Tung for decoration, some others use it in important rituals such as to drive out bad luck and prolong life or offer it to Buddha to bring about good luck and moral perfection.