Hearing a Thai perception

The sounds of Thailand, no matter where you hear them you’ll always recognise the distinct Thai sound.

Besides the obvious sounds of the Thai language, there is a huge array of traditional Thai music that differs in every corner of Thailand. Even media with outside influences always comes out with a distinct Thai sound when it passes through Thailand. There are also many wonderful Thai instruments, from string instruments to percussion and wind being the main three. You can hear the amazing sounds of these instruments at any festival or big ceremony; the sound changes from town to town and every show is different.

Northern music uses traditional Thai string instruments; a popular song is “So”.

The South and Central Thailand share a musical similarity in the instruments used though the accent of singing does differ. A popular song in the South is “Na” of Chumphon province. Shadow puppet shows are also very popular here with amazing music, with the most important shows being and “Shadow Play”.

In Central Thailand, there are three famous musical folk drama shows called “Lamtat”, “Choi” and “I-saeo” that are played together.

A lot of Thai traditional music is about how people lived their lives in the past; such as, “Na” and “Kiao Khao”, which are rice collecting songs, and “Rue” a song sang during the rainy season, are just a few examples. They are becoming a rarer part of Thai culture these days, but they are still remarkably Thai.