Sight’s that bring you unique travelling

Take a look at Mother Nature’s beautiful creation.

When discussing places to visit in Thailand, many tourists just mention Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin and Khao San Road. However, if you want to experience some of the sublime beauty that the country has to offer, there are many beautiful places waiting for you, places so unfathomably stunning that it’s almost hard to believe they’re real.

Close your eyes and imagine a vast blue lake, stretching for more than 20,000 acres, full of red blooming lotus everywhere you look. The red and pink hue of the blooming lotus cover the lake’s surface where flocks of birds are waiting for their prey not far too away, some in flight stalking the waterfront. It’s an incredible image, isn’t it? Well at Thale Bua Dang , Nong Han, Kumphawapi district, Udon Thani province, you can experience that very awe-inspiring lake yourself.

When it rains the Siam Tulips bloom gracing us with their amazing pink colours. Fields of blooming Siam Tulips await you at Pa Hin Ngam National Park, Thep Sathit district, Chaiyaphum province. Pictures of these beautiful stretching fields of tulips are breathtaking, but to see them in the flesh is truly a moment that will be in your heart forever.

If you are passionate about white beaches with emerald oceans and blue skies, Koh Luntain in the south of Thailand is a destination you simply cannot overlook. The sheer beauty of 13 beaches, which include rocky beaches and sand beaches, are complimented by the incredible rainforests further ashore. Come and join in with one of the many activities and experience the breathtaking views for yourself.

Plus, Thailand is famous for its spectacular scenery and abundant green forests which have impressed a great number of local and foreign tourists. Those who love outdoor sleeping in tents and waking up to a romantic view of a foggy lake should not miss to visit Pang Oung in Amphoe Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, which is known as Switzerland of Thailand. With its marvelous atmosphere from dawn till dusk, this is another place you should come to see for yourself to keep in your memory.