Scents of the city

A good aroma can stick with you and follow you everywhere.

Some places have their own specific aroma, unlike anywhere else, a fragrance so memorable when you think of it you can almost still smell it. Thailand is full of these aromas, from the fragrance of beautiful Thai flowers, the incredible aroma of Thai food, to the smell of incense burning at Buddhist temples. So you want to experience these unique aromas? Let’s see which scent is for you.

On the peaks of the mountains of Phetchaburi lies the Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park, locally known as Khao Wang, where you can sit in the shadow of the Plumeria trees and take in the incredible smell of their flowers.

The natural smells of earth and grass are rarely experienced by those in the city, so any chance to visit the jungle is a must when visiting Thailand. Especially after it rains as the smells are more pungent. It’s the perfect time to soak in the pure, fresh aromas of the rainforest.

The agricultural smells of clay and buffalo may not be the most alluring, but it’s a part of the charm of Thai village life. Rice paddies and local farmers, honest people doing honest work. The aromas bring to mind the simple life. If you can, stay at a homestay in a village. If you do and experience the kindness of the local Thai people and how they live, it will likely leave an impression on you that will last for the rest of your life. After you visit, every time you are going through difficult times, think of the smell of the clay and buffalo and remember what life is really about.

The memorable aromas of Thailand even come from our culture, especially the festivals and celebrations. Weddings, house warmings, ordination ceremonies, and many traditional ways passed down from generation to generation. The smell of incense lingers in the air, and the delicious aroma of the food, fruits and drinks pervade your senses. The best examples of these are often found outside of the cities, so if you want this authentic Thai sensory experience, you have to travel off-the-beaten path.