Taste the internationally famous Thai food

Taste delicious food that you can’t find anywhere else.

Thai food has become more and more popular around the globe. Many of Thailand’s delicacies are well known by tourists; such as, Tom Yam Kung, Phat Thai, Som Tam, and that’s only scratching the surface of Thai cuisine, as there are many lesser known regional dishes to experience.

Almost everyone has tasted tea, but in some villages in the north of Thailand, tea is fermented and used as an ingredient in food. One such dish is a Thai salad called Miang Bai Cha where the fermented tea is the most important ingredient, and it is served with peanuts, roasted coconut and ginger.

In the Chaiyaphum province, there’s a sausage called Mam and it’s the most popular food in the region. It’s made from beef or pork mixed with liver, then fried or grilled and served with sticky rice with side dishes of fresh chilli, garlic and mild ginger.

At the Bang Nam Phoeng Market in Samut Prakan province, they prepare Ma Hoe, a very old Thai snack that’s a rare treat. It’s made from sour fruits like pineapple and sweet pork. Due to this mixture of sweet and sour, it’s definitely an acquired taste, So It’s a must-try.

In the North, in the Walking Street, Pai district, Mae Hong Son province, there’s a perfect snack to compliment relaxing on a nice cool Thai evening, Khao Puk Nga Dam. The taste is sweet and the smell is truly mouth-watering. If you go to Doi Mae Salong, it will be served at the morning market here, too.