Phi Ta Khon Tradition (Loei Province)

The 12 lucky winners traveled to Dan Sai district, Loei Province to learn about the local cultures and beliefs of local villagers. They attended the ceremony at the Father Kuan House for prosperity and a warm welcome from the elderly in the area. Then came to worship Phra That Si Song Rak, the Stupa in Honor of Two Loves. And then went to learn another faith that is the highlight of the province, Phi Ta Khon, at the Phi Ta Khon Museum in Phon Chai temple. The 12 winners are aware of the background of Phi Ta Khon and watch Phi Ta Khon show, performances from local villagers and had a chance to paint their own Phi Ta Khon mask. In addition, they have eaten local dishes known as Som Tam, and cooked by themselves. These activities are truly teach about faith, culture and well-being of the local life in Thailand.